Catherine Levchenia

Video editor

Happiness exists even in the darkest of times if you don't forget to turn on the lights. In such a difficult time for Ukraine, people have rallied together more than ever and helped on various fronts (industries) in whatever way they can. Now the issue of homeless and abandoned animals has become even greater. Some people fled the war, abandoning their animals. And some have been left behind by the bazd because they simply lost their owners. Large (and small) organizations such as UAnimals and HappyPaw have a long history of helping both single animals and various shelters throughout Ukraine. That's why I chose these organizations because I've been following their activities for a long time. By my example, I also want to show that now is the time to not only help financially but also to take animals from shelters, if possible. If each of us makes even a small contribution, whether it is a shelter for animals, a small donation, or care for local animals - it will altogether make the world a better place. Ukrainians have big souls. Also, each of us who can't or won't go to war with guns, but want to do our part, to end this horror as soon as possible, have many opportunities. For each of us has at least one person who is now at the front. So my family helps out financially every month. And we believe in our victory.