Our Stories

Here are just a few of the stories from our team. Each of them found a way to make the most out of the Project UA initiative launched by Launch Labs and make sure that their donation reaches those who wouldn't qualify for help from big charities. Because every donation and any help you can give can and will make a difference in someone's life.

Yuliia Chuprova

QA Engineer

I donated some of the money for a pet volunteer. The furry friends were very grateful.

Yehor Makarenko

Ruby Dev

I donated money for spare parts for a military car for my dad.

Oleksandra Pushchaienko

Business Analyst

I donated to the purchase of the car by our team, and also joined the large-scale fundraising of the...

Inna Sorochynska

React Native, Scorebird

I donated money for my brother's helmet and sent the rest to the army for their needs.

Kostia Bezzemelnyi

iOS Developer

I donated to my godfather, who is defending Ukraine in the ATO, to order a belt (therapeutic...

Catherine Levchenia

Video editor

I have donated to UAanimals and Happy Paw, which help animals escape the war with food and...

Alyona Kasatkina

Virtual assistant

I donated money for warm clothes for my father: a quality and warm sleeping bag, a warm, fur...

Diana Kisilova

Social Media Manager

I donated some money to my family so they could buy warm clothes and gas for themselves and the...

Danilo Yashchenko

QA Engineer

I raised money on tires, bricks, cement, food for the army at roadblocks.