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Launch Labs Story:

Launch Labs started out as a product company back in 2014. After our initial success releasing and selling a product, we realized that we want to do more for the industry. Driven by our love for sports and health tech, we now leverage our experience to transform our clients’ ideas into powerful software solutions and help them scale their businesses with dedicated teams.

Based in the US, with employees scattered all over Europe, we combine our expertise and perspective to build robust and reliable software — from concept to completion. Our experience and reputation allow us to tap into a pool of the best Ukrainian talent, providing our clients with swift and efficient staffing services.


The Launch Labs mission revolves around commitment and innovation in the health and sports industry. We use cutting-edge tech to boost client success in our niche and transform their ideas into top-notch products, enhancing human health and performance through technology.

With our friendly, respectful culture, we strive to fuel top performance, leaving a lasting impact and shaping a brighter future in sports and health tech. We are committed to giving back to the community — that’s why we created ProjectUA, a charity initiative aimed at supporting those in need during the russian invasion.

Trusted Collaborations

Explore our collaborations with esteemed clients across the US.

Nick Rulli
Product Line Manager - Nike Diamond Sports
Portland, OR

“We’ve been working with Launch Labs for more than 3 years as they are experts in offshore development. Their team developed an online Equipment Builder that has completely transformed our workflow. With one click, the Builder generates a full tech pack, enabling us to expedite production and meet demanding season schedules.”

Tosh Semlacher
President of 4APP Sports
Phoenix, AZ

“Launch Labs has been incredibly helpful in scaling our app development and maintenance! With the addition of the features they have championed, our vision at 4APP Sports is that much more attainable!”

Nick Busto
CEO of Rapid Replay
Minneapolis, MN

"Through experimentation, growth, and technical due diligence, Launch Lab’s expertise helped us achieve our goals. We started with just 2 engineers and quickly grew to the team of 10 and Comcast acquisition. They instantly understood our vision and delivered outstanding results, showing strong communication skills (no language barrier at all) and a proactive approach.”

Ian Woodward-Smith
Partner, Scorebird
Nashville, TN

“Launch Labs helped us find and hire a Senior Software Engineer in record time. It was a perfect match: the employee demonstrated outstanding technical skills and a strong entrepreneurial mindset and was later promoted to Principal Engineer. We’ve saved 38% in HR costs by replacing our domestic engineers with the Launch Labs top talent in Ukraine.”

We asked our team how would they describe Launch Labs to a friend.

Meet the Team

"The focus on creativity and pushing design boundaries is refreshing. It's a great space for a designer, offering ample opportunities to grow and contribute to innovative projects."

(c) Product designer Dayana Yevchuk

"Crafting products with the power to positively impact people's lives is truly exhilarating, and that's exactly what drives my work"

(c) Lead Backend Developer Mykola Sheredko

"Launch Labs is a company where your impact matters, and you can immediately see the results of your work in a product. The company revolves around its people, and it’s not just a loud statement."

(c) Project Manager Victoria Buchak

"In Launch Labs, I work with incredibly cool and responsible people. Efficient communication, complex and creative tasks, excellent company culture — it’s not even a complete list of why I love working here."

(c) IOS Developer Andrew Yaniv
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Guiding our every step, these principles form Launch Labs culture and define who we are.


We thrive on innovations and know that there is always more to do to make our products better. We are hungry for improvement and never stop learning.


We treat products as if they are our own. You get a trusted partner focused on achieving a common goal — no wonder our clients often wish they could bring our team in-house after working with us.


For us, it’s not about adhering to the plan, it’s about delivering the result. Our flexibility allows us to spot inefficiencies on the go and fix them immediately.


We care about values just as much as we care about skills. Vibe check is an important part of our recruitment process — we only work with professionals who stay kind and respectful to their teammates and clients, no matter the situation.


We trust people we work with — no micromanagement. We believe in transparency and integrity: you can only build trust with honest communication and always delivering on your commitments.


We care about the team’s mental health and happiness, which helps us stay productive and enjoy what we do. Access to therapy seminars is just one perk of being part of our results-driven, close-knit team.