Project UA

In the face of unprecedented challenges, Launch Labs presents ProjectUA — our commitment to support the resilient Ukrainians during the russian invasion. As most of our employees are located in Ukraine, we are taking this personally and seriously.

Mission and goals

As we created ProjectUA, we wanted to support Ukraine and help our employees make an impact. Bringing together our people and our resources, we amplify our power to make a bigger difference. 

Through ProjectUA, we offered everyone in the company a platform to translate their compassion into meaningful action. Whether it's through direct support of refugees or armed forces, fundraising initiatives, or sharing their experience, everyone can help.

Our efforts

A closer look at how we stood by Ukraine's people and military during this challenging times

A car for А1302 infantry battalion

Together with her teammates, Victoria used the money that the company allocated for volunteering projects to buy a car that would be used for transporting equipment and evacuating the wounded from the battlefield.

They personally transferred the car from Poland and delivered it to the soldiers, who were extremely grateful for help. The car still serves its purpose and helps in saving Ukrainians' lives.

Drones for Yehor's father

Before the full-scale russian invasion began, Yehor's father was a top-manager at Metro Cash&Carry. On February 24th, he enlisted in the army to protect his country and family. Launch Labs donated two Mavic 3 drones to his military brigade.

Meanwhile, Yehor used the funds allocated by the company to purchase spare parts for the brigade's vehicles.

Support for animal shelters

Catherina supported animal shelters that were struggling with the constantly rising needs — many people had left their homes as the russian invasion started, and not all of them could take their pets with them.

By donating to UAnimals and HappyPaw (trusted Ukrainian funds), she wanted to show that every contribution, whether a shelter for animals, a donation, or caring for local strays, can make this world a better place even in such difficult times.

United we stand

In the face of danger and uncertainty, we stand together to support our employees and their urge to help others affected by war.

Victoria Pika
Project manager

When the full-scale russian invasion started, Launch Labs allocated a share of the profits to every employee so that we could help our friends or relatives in the military or donate however we saw fit. It was very nice to realize that thanks to our company, we were able to make a significant contribution and support our armed forces.

Diana Kisileva
SMM Specialist

When the russian invasion began, our company provided unwavering support. Launch Labs ensured my and my family's safety and allowed flexible work hours, so that everyone could sort out their plans, transfer to safer places, and contribute to the cause. Together, we're making a difference for Ukraine.

Kate Shcherbak

Since the start of the full-scale war, Launch Labs has been paying special attention to our mental health and general well-being. Regular check-ins, counseling services, and support networks have been established to ensure that we can continue to contribute effectively while caring for ourselves and our loved ones.

donate now

Support Ukraine by donating to a trusted charity. Your contribution goes directly to those in need, fostering unity and solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

How you can help

In the face of danger and uncertainty, we stand together to support our employees and their urge to help others affected by war.


Your contribution, no matter how big, can make a real impact. Use the links below to donate to one of the trusted Ukrainian charities, whether for military or humanitarian aid.

Spread the truth

Help us share the stories and experiences of Ukrainian people, allowing their voices to resonate across the world. Spread awareness and get information from reliable sources only. (links to them)

Work with Launch Labs

We donate a significant part of our profits to support our team and their volunteering efforts in Ukraine. Work with us and contribute to our mission of rebuilding Ukraine.