Launch Labs Supports Ukraine

Help us provide support for children and adults living in damaged towns and soldiers that are on the frontline by offering them equipment, emergency medical care, weapons, infrastructure rehabilitation, and more.

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Our team of heroes,
volunteering to help Ukraine win.

Read the stories of our heroic team as they help children, families, and the military affected by this war.

Launch Labs team came together to help Ukrainians affected by the war.

Launch Labs team helped Ukraine by raising 266 000 UAH to the Ukrainian army on the front line. We donated with a car, 15 sets of camouflage raincoats, a generator and power banks.

Alyona Kasatkina

Virtual assistant

I donated money for warm clothes for my father: a quality and warm sleeping bag, a warm, fur...

Catherine Levchenia

Video editor

I have donated to UAanimals and Happy Paw, which help animals escape the war with food and...

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Helping Our Employees Make an Impact

Launch Labs is committed to supporting Ukrainian citizens, refugees, and armed forces.

Helping our team members relocate away from danger

Providing our team bonuses to distribute to local causes

Organizing mental health resources in times of need

How You Can Help Ukraine

Donate using the links below

Explaining: How a specific donation can help?

Nova Ukraine Warm

Life-Saving First Aid

Medical Equipment


Food and Basic Needs

United 24

Defense and disintegration


Food and Basic Needs

Come back alive

Needs of the army

Protective equipment for Ukrainian Defenders

Thermal vision optics

Quadrocopters and reconnaissance unmanned aviation complexes

Volunteer at a local organization

Find a locally convenient volunteer organization that collects supplies and first aid to help Ukrainian refugees.

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We donate the majority of all profits to support our team and efforts in Ukraine, so you can participate with us